What's the deal with all these certificates!

All SolTraveler Hoverboards have passed RoHS, FCC, CE, and UL compliance testing and were certified by a qualified, reputable, and accredited testing laboratory. Product certifications assures our customers that we have me strict guidelines for compatibility and compliance standards for both environmental and product safety.
Our product safety certificates are not just graphic logos on our website and products. They represent very rigorous, strict, and expensive product safety tests ensuring we deliver to our customers they very best product possible.
So what do these logos look like? Let's first begin by taking a look at each of the common symbols that you have likely come across through various technological consumer products:

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Description: European Commission Mark                 Description: Underwriters Laboratories                Description: http://www.batteryspace.com/productimages/logo/fcc.jpg           Description: http://www.lr-link.com/UploadFiles/Image/2012-12/CE_20121213101519955.jpg       
But what do all these different acronyms stand for? And how does it ensure your safety as a consumer? Check out the table below!
CE Conformance European European Union -The CE mark certifies that the product has met EU health, environmental, and safety requirements that ensure consumer and workplace safety
- Is an indicator of a product's compliance with EU legislation
- Enables manufacturers to market and circulate products freely within the EU
- CE is the general name for a methodology of regulating products from various perspectives. It is known for its rigorous testing of sample products from a health, safety, and environmental perspective. It is the gold standard in the EU and sets the bar high when it comes to putting consumers health and safety first
RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances -Primarily a European Standard - RoHS is about the prevention of the use of certain hazardous substances (e.g heavy metals: lead, cadmium, mercury, etc) in electrical and electronic equipment
- All electronics sold in Europe have to be ROHS compliant, in addition to having the CE marking
- Because of its narrow scope, the RoHS marking is able to more accurately ensure that most electrical and electronic equipment was made without hazardous chemicals
UL Underwriters Laboratories Inc. - UL LLC is an American worldwide safety consulting and certficationc company headquarted in the USA

- UL is one of several companies approved to perform safety testing by the US federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
- The UL listing service verifies that a manufacturer can make products that fulfill UL requirements, meaning that any product with the UL listed mark is produced by a company that limits product risks that can be reasonably foreseen
- UL vigorously tests samples of the product to determine how it reacts in each hazardous situation and is known to have very stringent tests for electrical safety
- UL provides certification on both product safety and environmental claims
- UL follows up reguarly with manufacturers to ensure they are following the correct procedures to test the safety of their products based on UL Standards
FCC Federal Communications Commission United States of America FCC mark is a certification mark employed on electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States which certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission.

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